Addressing The Legal Issues That Affect Your Family, Finances & Future

At Robert S. Thomas Attorney at Law, we focus on helping individuals and families address and overcome family law, estate planning and IRS matters.

Family Law

Are you going through a divorce or embroiled in a child custody dispute? We address family law issues with compassion and competence.

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Tax Law

Are you facing an IRS audit or related tax dispute? We help you navigate complex legal processes and address tax problems.

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Estate Planning

Does your estate plan adequately and appropriately address your needs? We help you protect and promote your interests with a comprehensive estate plan. 

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Helping Steady The Course During Turbulent Times

Life can be unpredictable. In times of uncertainty and crisis, it is important to have an experienced advocate in your corner who will provide the answers and options you need to make the best decisions for yourself and your family. Whether you are planning to file for divorce, need help settling a loved one’s estate or are facing IRS collection actions, Robert S. Thomas Attorney at Law will formulate a legal strategy to meet your needs and goals.

Attending to the needs of clients throughout Arlington

Heights and the surrounding communities.

Legal Solutions, Tailored To Your Needs

For more than 25 years, attorney Robert S. Thomas has listened to clients and learned about the varied challenges they face. Through these experiences, he has built a legal practice that focuses on improving the lives of the individuals and families in the communities he serves.

What Our Clients Say

Mr. Thomas is an outstanding, honest, and respectful attorney and he handled my case with the upmost importance and integrity.

What Our Clients Say

Mr. Thomas clearly understands family law and takes the time to prepare and educate his clients.

What Our Clients Say

Mr. Thomas sympathized with my situation and showed compassion and concern for my case.

What Our Clients Say

I definitely recommend attorney Robert Thomas to anyone involved with a family law case.

What Our Clients Say

Listened carefully and wrote down the important details as I told him the lengthy story of my case and relationship with my ex.

What Our Clients Say

Asked questions to clarify the details of my case and expressed a sincere interest in helping me.

What Our Clients Say

Clearly explained and helped me understand the laws and the steps we could take to achieve my goals.

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If not properly addressed, legal issues related to family law, estate planning and tax disputes can negatively affect your personal relationships, future and financial security. Do not put off calling an attorney today to discuss your case. Call our law office at 874-392-5893 or contact us online to obtain a free case evaluation.

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