If you want a divorce, then you want a divorce, and you’ve probably put a lot of thought into it already. You definitely do not want to hear about all the difficulties you are going to face. You want an action plan.

Knowing what will happen during the divorce process is going to help you build priorities and set goals that make sense. It’s fair that you want to move forward. Make sure you move forward with a plan that looks at:

Tax implications

People think of taxes as being a “once a year” thing. But that’s just because people put them out of mind until April. Taxes become incredibly complicated when you file for divorce and depending on when your divorce is finalized your options may be limited. However, with the right guidance you can prepare for any eventuality

Living arrangements

It’s not really a question of who gets the house. The better question is: where do you wish to live when the divorce is final? Are you going to stay in the same town or city? Do you want to move away to another state or country? If there is anything shared between you and your spouse from children to property or even pets, these questions can be very fraught.

Childcare options

If you and your spouse have young children, you might think that shared custody is just a matter of course. And maybe it is, but what about the day-to-day childcare? If you and your spouse both work, someone was taking care of the child during the day. If it was a family member, will that still be the case after a divorce? With two households will you still be able to afford daycare? What about school pickups or babysitting? For working parents, childcare is about more than just custody.

Illinois legal requirements

In Illinois, you must be legally separated for two years before you can file for divorce. There are some extenuating conditions that can speed up the process, but a no-fault divorce for irreconcilable differences is a long process.

Long timelines demand long-term thinking

You deserve representation that you can count on for the long term. Think about what you’d want from an attorney and make the right choice for you.